Information system is referred to as a software used by different organisations to help them analyse

Information system is referred to as a software used by different organisations to help them analyse, forecast and organise in an efficient way different type of database gathered from different sources. The fundamental of an information system is to transform random data into useful information which can help an organisation to make decisions and solve problems based on the information provided by the system.
An information system can be divided into two: general and specialized information. A common example for a general information system is Excel. This program allows the analysis of different data coming from different formulas. The program also interprets the relationships between the different data by interpreting those data graphically. As well as a general information system, organisations can choose a more specialized information system. This will be designed to support a specific process for particular organisation. For example, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). It can be used for statistical analysis data for marketing and research.
There are different components in an information system as described below:
• The Hardware. This is the physical parts of a computer including keyboards and motherboard.
• The Software is the operating system programming allowing users to achieve a particular task through the applications using computer such as Sage 50 accounting programme.
• Database is referred to the information held in a computer system. It can be easily sorted out and renewed.
• Network is about sharing information between different departments.
• Procedure.
The advantages of using an information system are the easiness for individuals within a company to communicate between each other or between different companies. This facilitates the sharing of documents while communicating in a cost efficiently and inexpensive