Memento was a very interesting and unique movie

Memento was a very interesting and unique movie! The film is about Leonard Shelby who wants to get revenge on the person who killed his wife. During the incident, Leonard Shelby tried to help his wife by fighting off the intruder, not knowing that he was going to get hit from behind and obtains a type of memory loss condition. Leonard Shelby learns to cope with his condition by putting notes everywhere, taking pictures of people and places, tattooing vital facts to his body, and writing brief descriptions of everything he encounters so that he remembers after he forgets. Leonard Shelby cannot create new memories and forgets everything after a while, last thing he remembers is his wife getting murdered. The story line goes back and forth telling the story backwards as if it goes back in time to reveal each little bit of puzzle, it makes the audience just as confused as Leonard Shelby is. The narration structures the plot and reveals the story information backwards, this makes the audience feel how Leonard Shelby feels. We do not know what is going to happen next/what happened before, because the story is revealing itself backwards which is very unique. The purpose of this structure is to make the audience feel the way Leonard Shelby feels, waking up each morning not knowing was is going to happen next.