My leader name is Amirul Asyraf bin Fauzi

My leader name is Amirul Asyraf bin Fauzi. He is 25 years old. The position work of him is Diagnostic Engineer – Substation. He works at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). He started this position of work since two years ago. The level of management is first – line management. Lastly, the company has target which is to provide reliable electricity supply to the customers comprising of residential, commercial, and industrial categories so that they can perform their daily activities effectively.
He is first – line management which work as Diagnostic Engineer – Substation and more applied technical skills in his works. He jobs responsibilities which is functional. There are four responsibilities which he must do such as firstly is to plan and carry all diagnostic tests required according to the standard operating procedures as stated by the company, next is to analyse the diagnostic test results and provide solutions if there is any defect found, next is to ensure that every work done according to safety guidelines to prevent any accident and lastly is to coordinate diagnostic team with other units in order to solve any issue arise.