Parsons (2013), defines social media as online tools where user can share its opinions, content, perspectives and insights. Most of the earth’s population consist of people of age 30 and below. This particular group of individuals cannot stay without the internet. Like all their lives depend on the internet for almost anything. i.e. job search, communication and even purchase of items. people use social networks to communicate with each other on a level that was not previously available; geographical location or other limitations no longer inhibit communication
Safko, (2010), Social Media refers to the activities, practices and behavior. Conversational media consists of web-based applications that make it possible to create and easily transmit content in the form of words, pictures, video and audio.
Social media networks are platforms or sites that facilitate the building of social relationships among people of different races and provide opportunities for them to share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.
What are these social networks?
Facebook – it is a social networking site that helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Users create a profile and add other users as friends which they then communicate with via prvate messages or public posts on thir friends wall which is intergrated in the profile page and viewable to others.
Facebook also allows users to create “groups” and “events”. Users can share news, stories, videos, pictures, and links via their “status”. These status changes, wall posts, photo/video updates, and events are shared with “friends” via the “newsfeed” which aggregates all the activities on an individual’s Facebook friends. Facebook involvement is not limited to individuals. There is a growing number of businesses and organizations present on the social networking site.
Twitter – Carlson, (2011) states that twitter is a form of blogging whre users can send short texts based posts to the online platform tht places this posts on the personal pages of the user.
Instagram- Instagram is an online social networking site where users can share photos and videos with each other. Instagram is a free application for both consumers and companies. Through Instagram companies can advertise products for free, share an insight look on what is happening in the company and increase brand equity.
Youtube – YouTube is a forum where people connect, inform and inspire others. In addition, it provides a platform for companies to advertise and share video content with consumers. it enables consumer engagement through user-generated content (Castronovo and Huang(2012).
Blogs – A blog is a personal online diary. Companies have two options; they can either establish their blog or make collaboration with a blogger. A business blog is an effective tool for the company to get a message out for their customers.
Strategic communications is the purposeful use of communication by an organization to fulfill its mission (Hallahan et al., 2007).social media is forming an increasingly central part of how we all communicate. Its online communities carry a strong and influential voice.
(Tri-Media, 1999) The objectives of any promotional strategy can be to increase sales,
maintain or improve market share, create or improve brand recognition, create a favorable climate for future sales, inform and educate the market, create a competitive advantage relative to competitor’s products or market position and to improve promotional efficiency.

Companies have many reasons to actively use social media and interact with customers. Social media is primarily used to communicate with customers and offers a set of highly effective tools for providing customer service and creating positive word of mouth. Meanwhile, social media is also effective for internal communications to and with employees.
The large amount of users who are online in social media brings along enormous amounts of valuable information about habits, preferences, and perceptions of products and brands which companies may use in their communication to and with customers and others stakeholders. Social media is also an opportunity for genuine one-to-one conversations and thus makes the company able to get closer to its customers and benefit from the vast amounts of information that users share (Postman 2009).

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