? Interviewee Mr. S. S is my uncle. I live in his basement. So, I know him from six months ago. He is very social, happy and educated person I have met ever. In the back home, he was a leader of his community. He guides people and supports them in many ways. He also gives me guidance on various topics like time management, how to find out the work. Hence, I decided to interview my uncle which was a pleasure for me.
? Chronological age – 70 years Functional age – 70 years
? Older people play an integral part of their family. Elder people having considerably roles and responsibilities towards his family and society. First and most important role of elder people is the decision maker. As he is the head of the family, so all crucial decisions are taken by older people. Advice is always sought from them on a wide range of issues. Second role and responsibility are resolved the intrafamily conflicts. They are a strong internal support system for their family. They are the pillar to join their family member into one thread. Their words are final in settling disputes. Third, Grandfather and grandmother play a significant role in bringing up children. From babysitting and storytelling, to cooking for and feeding the kids. Elder person provides a unique kind of loving care. When both parents are working. So, the grandparents are the primary caretaker of children. Moreover, in some family, they are providing younger people vital instructions related to business and marriages. As they have more experience in every aspect of their lives.
? There are many unforgettable events in his life like meeting- with his love, went for trip with the family member, family celebrations and many more but the most memorable event in his life was spent a special day with the cancerous patient at Acharya Tulsi Regional Cancer institute Bikaner, India. Once he saw a television show Satya Mev Vijte and they showed that how people charity used to treat the cancerous patient. It inspired him a lot. He also decided to go there and save money for donation. When he shared the idea with his wife and his wife was also ready for this kind of act. He stopped spending on unnecessary things, so he could save the money. On his 67th birthday, he went there with his wife. He spent time with the patient. there were more than 200 types of cancerous patient. He spent his day with them. He entertained patients by cracking jokes and by motivational quotas. He put a smile over their faces which inspired him a lot. The happiness he gets there, would not find in the whole world. Mr. S.S feels so satisfied when he remembers this event. He never forgets this event in his life.
Aging Process
? Health: According to him, “Health is free from physically and mentally diseases and when a person is independent to do all daily living activities without assistant or support.”
? Illness: Mr. S. S is suffering from diabetes mellitus and hypertension from last three years.
? Physical observation:
Skin: wrinkles on the face, neck, arms and aging spots
Hair: Hair is gray in color and thin
Teeth: discoloration of teeth and decay of few teeth
Ear: hearing is little depressed
Eye: Effect vision as he is wearing glasses
Musculoskeletal system: Walk with support