Plagiarism, defined as the action of copying of the other work without citation and the author’s knowledge, is considered a huge crime in educational area. Plenty of university or college students plagiarize when dealing with tons of assignments. Even though they know that action is illegal and wrong, they keep doing it. There are several causes of plagiarism that all people should know.
The first cause to plagiarism is due to poor time management. When students fail to have their time managed properly, they tend to do last minute works and the easiest way to choose to cope with that is by plagiarizing. Sometimes assignments are required to submitted quite early, so students do not have enough time to study them carefully. Few lecturers are unexpected. They will sometimes ask their students to submit the assignments earlier than its due date. Those with poor time management must rush to run the assignments done, so the only thing comes to their mind is to plagiarize. If this continues, they won’t be able to count on themselves. surely, they will face a bad situation in their future and they won’t be able to handle it.