Program: Project Management Diploma
Course: Project Management Fundamentals DPS 15187 1710
Instructor: Dennis Batacan
Student: Gurpreet Singh Sondh (3094991)
Date: February 2, 2018
Objective: Determine student’s knowledge of what a project is, project management and the role of a project manager.

Project Description: I have been involved in number of projects during my graduation and post graduation study but I would like to introduce my project i.e. Solar Air Heater and it was my M- tech thesis work that was done by me and my guide. Solar air heater is a solar thermal technology in which the energy from the sun is captured by an absorbing medium and used to heat air. Solar air heating is a renewable energy heating technology used to heat or condition air for buildings or process heat applications. The main work of the project was enhancement of heat transfer rate of solar air heater by using artificial roughness under the absorber plate and increase the thermal performance.

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Every project is constrained in different ways. In this project I had to consider three main constraints: cost, time and scope and balance of these three often-competing goals was very important. How these constraints were important to the project is outlined below:
Cost: Determining the cost and spend minimum budget on the project was the second constraint. Requirements for the project work, cost consideration was necessary. I had to manage all over the cost that could have affected to the overall project efficiency. The total cost of the project was Rs.26 000 INR and description of cost for every component given here:
Body : Rs. 2200 INR
Cost of G.I. sheet : Rs. 3200 INR
Blower : Rs. 10 000 INR
Flow control Regulator : Rs. 2000 INR
G.I. Pipes : Rs. 2500 INR
Orifice Plate : Rs. 1000 INR
Solar Radiation Meter : Rs. 4500 INR
Flexible pipe : Rs. 400 INR
Thermometer : Rs. 200 INR
Time: Time was very important for me to complete my thesis work within six months. Its was first and foremost constraint for me to work in limited time. The project work scheduled by my guide from morning 9 a.m. to evening 4 p.m. and duration was six months. Extension in my work could have affected on my future opportunities. Failing in the project meaning was failing to complete degree requirements. So, I had to work within time.

Scope: It was the thesis work in my post-graduation study and the main motive of this research work to obtain the maximum thermal efficiency from solar air heater with using different geometry of ribs under the absorber plate as well as using the solar air heater in industries to dry the tea leaves, tobacco, ceramic and paddy etc.
What went right: Completion of project was challenge for me and I achieved my goal within time. Co-operation from my instructor was very important to get desired result. He helped me a lot in every step of the project and he also appreciated my work.

What went wrong: At the starting of the project it was very difficult to make an actual project because it was individual project work and lack of recourse was also a problem. Structure was not complicated but it was time consuming. I had to make this model second time because first time it could not validate.