Quiz (Summative assessment)

Name and Surname:
Grade 10

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Time: 45 minutes Point: 16

General instruction for students

1. This test has 1 question.
2. Please pay attention to your handwriting. It must be readable.

Instruction for proctors
1. Test is in 45 minutes
2. This is a closed book exam, and no notes of any kind are permitted. The use of calculators, cell phones, or similar devices is not permitted.
3. Do not give the exam to students for self-administration or mailing

Unit Objective:

Show complex numbers in algebraic and trigonometric form, perform calculations on complex numbers in algebraic form, find nth root and power of a complex number.

Principle of assessment:

Test is practical. Test is prepared to appropriate content related validity. Test is also authentic. Question is quite relevant.


Write about :
1. definition of complex numbers

2. elementary operations for complex numbers

3. polar form for complex numbers and etc.


Great work
Good work
Could be better
Logically organized according to a clear plan
Clear plan of organization. May contain some minor irrelevant detail
Show evidence of organization but has minor paragraphing problems
Weak organization with poorly developed paragraphs and no transitions
Math content

All facts are correct
90-95% of the facts and statements are correct
89-80% of the facts and statements are correct
Fewer than 80% of the facts and statements are correct
Word choice/Terminology
Mathematical terminology is used prevalent
and correctly
Mathematical terminology correctly used
Some mathematical terminology is used, but not correctly
No mathematical terminology is used