Scott Huynh Mr

Scott Huynh
Mr. Flessa10 English
12 June 2018
Putting in laws to prevent bullying
You’re walking to school and thinking today is going to be a good day. Having your Beats headphone on, eating a blueberry Muffin for breakfast. Until a big kid comes and messes with you, steps on your muffin and snaps your headphones and you are sitting there and crying, nothing to do about it. The word on the streets is should there be laws to prevent bullying. In fact, public schools are having hard times helping kids that are being bullied or bullying other people. By passing the law for preventing bullying, it can solve the problem and make the community a better place. Many schools say that they’re trying to prevent bullying by putting bully boxes around campuses and having staff to prevent the bullying. The bully box is a messaging system where you put a note in and notifies the school who’s bullying you. They give them a punishment after they read the note. They say that Some argue that you suck it up and fight the bully. By facing the bully, it will show him or her who’s in control. People these days think that bully is not really a big deal. There should be a law to prevent because bullying can lead to mental health issues, bullying is a form of assault, and bullying can affect academic performances.

Bullying can lead to mental health problems because it gives the person a lot of anxiety, depression, and stress. When people have these health issues, their minds will not take it anymore, and they will find a way to end it in a bad way. They will either commit suicide or harm others. There has been 40% of people who were harassed, emotional distress, and cyberbullies show towards abuse and depression. Due to the amount of suicides, more and more people are taking action to prevent bullying at any costs. Adolescence kids go through developmental stage of growth physically and mentally when they interact with other kids. Some kids are more immature than others, and they feel the need to put other kids down to make them feel better about themselves. The National Center of Education statistics reported than 21.5 percent of student between the age of twelve and eighteen reported being bullied at school or cyberbullied by their peers during the 2012-2013 school year. Due to this statistic, it is clear that kids and teens alike are constantly being harassed by others. More mental health issues that kids experience is Asperger syndrome. This disorder is when kids have deficiencies in their social skills but their intelligence and development skills remain normal. But those kids are ones to get targeted for bullying do to their disorder. The more persistent they get bullied, the more self-harm to themselves. Parents are so concerned with their kids, they even hold teachers and principals legally accountable for failing to stop the bullying. Psychologists have studied that children have easy ways to intimidate others by communicating to others and exposing their insecurities. Due to this, more and more kids are not telling any adults that they are being bullied, leading them to be diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Due to the overwhelming amount of abuse and sadness that their kids endure through bullying, they are doing whatever they can to stop this issue from happening. But they do not just affect them mentally, they also affect them physically as well.
Bullying is a form of mental and physical assault due to the overwhelming torture kids go through everyday. An investigated reporter stated that 69% of adults believe that harassing an individual over the internet should be a punishable offense. Due to statistic, it is clear that parents are looking to put an end to all forms of bullying at any needs necessary even if the law changed. Most area of authority consider assault as an attempt, whether successful or not, to cause injury whether physically or mentally. Through this it is safe to say if bullying or cyberbullying would be considered an assault on an individual, then the bully should suffer a suitable punishment depending on how heinous their actions towards the victim were. It is clear cyberbullying goes too far often, and such victims of this most likely had rumors spread around to masquerade their true identity and personality. We know this is true through the constant predators cyberbullying by spreading rumors and making up lies about the victim giving them a false identity. The best example would be how female students bully others. Female bullies most often use tactics that involve spreading rumors and giving people a false identity so other people will bully the victim as well. Such bullying to that extent ruins a person’s reputation and could significantly damage their image as a person all together. Such behaviors depending on how bad said damage was to the victim, the bully should suffer a suitable punishment for said crime. Damaging the person’s image would lead to mental health disorder and increased sadness. If gone too far, then said victim would go into a state of grief and possibly commit suicide. Another disastrous effect would include a sudden drop in said victim’s grades.

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When kids get bullied multiple miserable emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, and depression flow through said victim’s head and barely paying attention to their academic performances. Thanks to the constant mental and physical abuse that the victim receives, they protest to their parents and refuse to go to school. The most common result of this is the victim’s grades drop significantly. The victim is way too terrified to show to school because of being abuse physically and mentally. Unfortunately, the cost is a sudden drop in grades. Parents are so angry at such heinous behavior from the bully, that parents will pursuit legal actions against teachers and administrators for failing to stop the bullying. when parents do all they can to stop the bullying, they go as far as suing the administration to try and get them to stop this once and for all so their kid’s academic achievements will go up and come back to normal. This course of action may sound a little bit extreme, but if the bullying is getting that out of hand, then they have no choice to do that if it helps their academic achievement increase.” The secretary of state for education has suggested in recent weeks that web bullying will not be solved by putting curbs on the internet”. Based on the Secretary of State for Education, it is clear that cyberbullying has gotten way out of hand that it needs to be solved without any kind of censorship. The best way for kids surfing on the internet to avoid bullying is to either ignore the bully or just block them to avoid any worse types of actions from said bully. This way kids would focus on more important things such as academic achievement. Multiple kids face bullying everyday and that affects their performances outside and inside of school. They face serious physical and mental abuse resulting in serious sad emotional problems in their everyday lives and are looking for help in dealing with their situation. Which is why the people of the United States need to take serious action and solve these problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible to keep peace among others.
The state or federal government should put laws into place to prevent bully due to the increase in mental health issues, an increasement in physical and mental assault, and how bullying effects the victim’s academic performance.
People say that kids should learn to fight back to defend themselves. However, that only makes the situation even worse as it is. When more kids become victims of bullying, teaching them how to fight would only increase in more fights and injuries across America. Plus, more and more violence would be preached across America instead of peace. We want to stop the violence, not add to it. There are more peaceful ways to stop bullying across America.
I think that the federal government state or federal government should put laws into place to prevent bullying. Society will change if the law was put in. The community will change from a negative to a positive. The percent of suicide from bullying will decrease. Decrease of physical and mental health issues.