Secondly, it is a must that these refugees are to be resettled from Nauru. Most of the Australian public and politicians have urged the government to resettle these refugees from harsh offshore detention centers. The nation has a responsibility to find solutions or if they do bring these refugees into third world countries, that they must be providing the following:
1. Access to healthcare and education
These are basic rights to give to these refugees as part of the Refugee Convention. Children as young as ten are forced to work for a minimum of one dollar just to provide for their families.
2. Separated families to be urgently reunited.
3. Services that can help with the challenges of social integration.
4. Work rights for refugees so they may have a chance to earn money, gain social independence and help with any expenses.
5. Freedom of movement. This is a guaranteed policy that will able for refugees not to be held in detention centers for long periods.
6. And lastly but most importantly, protection against refoulment. The government cannot return refugees back to countries where they may face harsher persecution due to their religion, race, gender or political opinions. As well as an environmental or political conflict.