Several ethical issues can be identified in Mr

Several ethical issues can be identified in Mr. J’s management case. To start with, the patient is restrained and a reason is not given. As the nursing supervisor I would work with the attending nurse to follow up with the patient’s physician on the need for the restraint and if there are alternatives that could be used. I would advise the attending nurse to ensure that the patient is assisted if need arises and that they are assisted in doing regular small exercises.
Secondly, though the nurse identifies the developing pressure ulcer she does not apply wound care and prevention measures for more ulcers. She only reassures the patient’s daughter. In the immediate care of the patient I would assist the attending nurse in cleaning the wound and the application of special pillows. Furthermore, I would advise and ensure that the nurse repositions the patient every two hours. I would work with the nurse and the physician to assess for the need of painkillers by the patient then administer if necessary. As the nursing shift supervisor, I would ensure that a continuous medical education program is set by the hospital management led by the administrator for training on the proper management of bed sores, the risks and the necessary prevention measures that should be set and implemented.
The third issue that I would address is to do with the patient being served the wrong food as per their preference. This issue would require the attention every staff member. The certified nursing assistant (CNA) would be advised to be vigilant as an advocate to the patient, to regularly check on the patient to prevent such mistakes. Furthermore, the CNA should be advised on how to communicate to the patient and their family in such similar situations without showing offending them. The nurses response in this case created an impression of an unapologetic disregard to the patient’s religious beliefs. I would work with the physician to ensure that the patient’s religious, cultural and other ethical principles are well documented and communicated with the rest of the medical team. I would work with the kitchen supervisor and the staff to improve on the service of the appropriate meals for each patient. Together with the hospital administrator and the hospital’s ethical team, we would ensure that policies are made and implemented to see to it that patients’ preferences are regar