Situated in northwest Queensland is located Sun Water’s $42

Situated in northwest Queensland is located Sun Water’s $42.5 million Cloncurry pipeline which is helping the local residents as a drought relief. In December 2008, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh decided to construct the pipe line because of clear water shortage in the town on Cloncurry due to drought. The up gradation of plant allows in improvement in water quality. In South Africa, the poorly distributed rainfall, soil losses and the current economic conditions have excluded the persons from having access to water. DRWH(Domestic rain water harvesting)consist of catchment area which includes rooftop rain water harvesting (water is stored in either above-ground or underground tanks) and ground rainwater harvesting(Water sis stored in underground tanks).Productive activities like garden watering contribute to the household incomes as an contribution to the small scale home based productive activities.
At financial and environmental cost, desalination plant can provide a climate independent water can reduce the usage of water using desalination plants. A $ 6.9 billion has been invested for treating water supply network that is resilient to new climate water supplies, such as Purified recycled water and desalination in South East Queensland. across SEQ from Noosa to Coolangatta and west to the Lockyer Valley, water supply is been connected through two way pipes that allows the treated drinking water move from new and existing sources across the region. A large amount of energy is required for to be fall under environmental cost but the greenhouse gas will distress the atmosphere unless renewable energy is used. Dispersed system enhances livelihood resilience and ecosystem. The Domestic rain water harvesting in South Africa has helped to store water in roof top tanks when there is no rain. The rain water harvesting has increased access to water and has improved livelihood of African people. The disadvantage is its maintenance is intensive and can present operational challenges.