Space tourism

Space tourism, which is nowadays reserved for some very fortunate travelers, consists in participating in a space flight inhabited in space. It is about the tourist activity which gathers all the experiences, trainings, flights to sensations, which allow people to go into space for unprofessional reasons.
It must be said that this sector requires significant efforts in terms of technological innovation, in terms of safety, because space travel is far more dangerous than any other form of transport, including automobile and air transport. The latter could influence the implementation of new design standards. Being undoubtedly one of the most moving sectors in the recreational industry, space tourism remains a relatively unknown sector of tourism.
A good promotion policy could play a major role, as it establishes all the strategy inherent in the market and customers with good advertising tools such as marketing technologies.
The purpose of this paper is to show how new standards in space tourism may be a source of improvement in the aerospace industry in the economical and technological level and how with the help of marketing technologies, the promotion of space tourism may rise the interests of future potential tourists.