Strong Background

Strong Background: MVP Hair has a successful background as it has a good record in Ghana and some other countries close to it such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, South Africa. Thus it also has a highly intensive product distribution channel in African countries. It’s now expanding to Europe and France will be the first country which has a large hair care industry and good environment for business.
Problem based approach: MVP Hair has a specific need for hair for the young and middle-aged people of France. Our products are mainly for greasy, kinky, coarse ,damaged and dry hair. We have different kinds of shampoos for that. Some of them are for squeaky clean, some to encourage growth, some for instant grease removal and some are sulfate-free shampoo. Our hair moisturizers are filled with shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, sunflower seed oil, Olive oil etc. This makes our products popular for those having hair problems.
Strong R;D sector: As we have to put chemical ingredients in our products, our chemists did lot of research to make the perfect mixture of ingredients and we have a strong sector of this part. We need different kinds of oils for our moisturizers and different elements for shampoos, only expert chemists can do this successfully and we are strong in this part.
Proper target market: We are targeting young and middle-aged male people of France and they are people of color. As MVP hair has a successful market in Africa and most of its consumers are African people, it could help in European market too as France has a good population of people with African roots. So, we have a strong target market in this regard.
Wide distribution Network: As we said about it before, MVP Hair is already in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and South Africa. Its now expanding to European market. So it has a brand fame and its an great advantage in the competitive hair industry.
High quality, Natural and Organic products: MVP Hair has a great brand image and die hard fans who buy our products again and again. Our products always ensure high quality as we have expert chemists ,proper equipment, right chemicals and organic elements. It is 100% natural and organic in nature and hence the choice of animal lovers.
Problems of internationalizing products: As we are expanding our products to new countries and mostly to the people of same color, there are still differences in skin and hair types. Sometimes, customers can’t understand which are best for them and if they choose the wrong ones, it could be very bad for them. There’s also a chance to get sued by the customers for it.
Having to much sub-categories: We already have lot of divisions of products for female hair and now we are having shampoos and moisturizers of different varieties for male hair. Sometimes it becomes a problem to run everything smoothly.
Very Competitive Market: Hair care industry in France is very competitive and as most of them has online market too. We have to market, package our products in a very innovative way to get new customers. In the ‘competition’ part, we can know a lot about it.
Profit margins are low: As we are shipping our products in another continent, investing a lot in R;D sector and organic products, packing our products in attractive ways, creating marketing campaigns and advertisements for our product, our profit margins can be low. So, that can be a weakness.
Increasing importance and awareness to hair care: People now become more conscious on how they look. The weather also gets warmer and humid than before. So, men try to keep them cool all day and if they have hair problems, they look out for solutions. So, that’s a clear opportunity for hair care companies to go through.
Taking the advantage of men hair care market: As other companies are also creating products for men hair care, men’s market is on a sharp incline. So, as this market is gaining more popularity, it’s the best time to get into this emerging market.
Growth potential in moisturizers market: We have different kinds of moisturizers as we stated it before. Proper packaging, advertising and marketing can make these products more popular and it can get a lot of growth over the years.
Product mix expansion: Increasing the product lines with creating new products in product mix can complete product mix expansion, that can be a good opportunity for our company.
Health Issues: Our customers can maybe unaware of the chemical elements of the products. Some products could be harmful for them. This can be a potential threat.
Nature of hair care industry: The hair care industry is constantly updating and we have to always keep up with the market trend. We cant keep all the customers happy always and the competition is sound so that sometimes we need to take smart technics, instant decisions on our own.