Summary of the book

Summary of the book (Tuesdays with Morrie)
The story talks about Morrie’s reunion with Mitch in his last days. Morrie was a professor in Brandeis University and retired; he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, neurological disorder that destroy his muscles. At first, Mitch was shocked by how fragile Morrie is but Morrie who had a talent in reaching people made him relaxed. After the visit, Mitch started a path to write one of the most important reports in his career yet he was irritated to find out that the report will not be published; legal issues his firm going through. Feeling discouraged, Mitch went back to Morrie and because he learned a lot after his visit that Tuesday, he decided to visit Morrie every Tuesday. Every visit he learned valued lessons about life from diverted concepts. Mitch recorded these discussions and turned them to this book. Meanwhile, Morrie’s health worsen as he become completely reliant on others. Though it troubled him, he accepted it. His mantra was living a meaningful life loving other people, creating something that gave him purpose and meaning and devoting himself to the community as he decided on refusing the widespread culture of geocentricism, selflessness and human goodness. Through Morrie’s lessons Mitch grasped that he had immersed himself in a culture of self-centeredness and chasing meaningless things. He also became aware of the hatred spread by the media leading to major divisions among people. On their fourteenth visit, Morrie was too weak to speak and they had a heart breaking farewell as he raises his hand to reach out for a hug. Morrie passes away after few days. Although Mitch was saddened by his beloved professor’s passing, he was grateful for the time they spent together.

Main character. Strong believer in loving others and not following to recent meaningless mores of the society. He believes in the importance of love therefore he lives his life giving the love to other. He tries to teach that belief to Mitch. Morrie chose to dedicate the rest of his time in teaching others about the meaning of life instead of being disturbed when he was diagnosed with a fatal illness and. His courage is further portrayed by his ability to accept his condition. Moreover, Morrie is a sociable person who has an ability in reach through people as he had the ability to make his students lighten up and like him on the first encounter as it is obviously shown in the book.
Author of the book and main character. Grow up with the idea of money over love that is why he became a workaholic. However, he became frustrated with his life decisions and realized that he needs to change. It is only with Morrie’s help that Mitch was able to realize the he has occupied himself in meaningless work. With each visit he learned lessons. As the time passes, he realizes that, he wants to live meaningful, that he lived a life to its fullest like Morrie, certain that he has loved and forgiven himself and others as often and as sincerely as he could.

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