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Susan Ryan,
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Higher Certificate in Business, Semester Two.
Marketing Assignment 2018.
Write a 1500-word (hard & soft copy) essay to answer the following 3 questions
Using the black box model of consumer behaviour, comment on the behavioural factors that would be of interest to the marketers of NIVEA FOR MEN
In strategic Marketing terms, identify NIVEA FOR MEN’s sources of competitive advantage
It is important to establish a unique position for the product in the mind of the consumer. Outline the positioning strategy you think NIVEA FOR MEN should adopt.
Question 1:
Consumer behaviour is defined as being the study of how people {consumers} make decisions about what they need, want or buy with regard to the proposed purchasers’ affiliation or loyalty to a brand, product, service or company.
The Black Box Model of Consumer Behaviour has many facets as outlined by the diagram below.
Figure 1. Black Box Model
Many of us will be familiar with the Mel Gibson film from c. 2000 titled: “What Women Want” in which an arrogant male advertising executive discovers the ability to hear what it is that women want. But what does the modern man want. In today’s Western Society, the modern man is usually well educated, has a good job, is more aware of his emotional well-being and depending on his familial status, has disposal income which in turn leads him to placing greater emphasis on all aspects of his health including both his physical and outward appearances.
Gone are the days when a bar of carbolic soap, a facecloth and a splash of “Old Spice” or “Brut” taken from a Christmas gift set and used on special occasions was the highlight of many men’s skin care routine – especially the skin care routine of Irish men.
In 2016, the sales of men’s grooming products grew by 2% resulting in a retail sales value of €136 million. It is without doubt, that Beiersdorf and their increasingly popular Nivea for Men range of skincare products aimed specifically at men have contributed to this overall sales figure. CITATION eur18 l 6153 (, 2018)Men are known for their lack of enthusiasm when it comes to shopping and they seek products that have a reputation of being high quality, affordable and accessible i.e. the 4 P’s commonly referred to the marketing mix {Product Price, Place and Promotion}.

Beiersdorf recognise the need for constantly researching and developing their products in order to compete in an ever-growing market place and also to retain their position as one of the most trusted global skincare brands. As such, they continually strive to make considerable investments into dermatological research and strive to meet established international standards.
To understand their market, Nivea For Men must first know their target market – this means profiling their users in each market place and once this global information has been garnered, they must then devise a successful marketing campaign to target the different segments within each market. it would also be useful for the makers of Nivea for Men to understand where, when and why their consumers purchase their products. In order to better understand their consumer shopping habits, regular surveys are carried out and local skin research centres are operated on a consistent basis where interested persons can have their specific skin needs assessed and related queries are answered by skincare professionals. CITATION htt18 l 6153 (, 2018)Question 2:
Nivea was first introduced in Germany over 100 years ago and since then, has become one of the most trusted brands in Germany and is currently being sold in over 170 countries all over the world.
It has an iconic logo that is instantly reccognisable with the blue representing sympathy, harmony, honesty and loyalty, the white represents external cleanliness as well as inner purity, thus the blue and white packaging is ideal for an honest and appealing brand.
Nivea for Men have increased their men’s products range which now includes every product that the metrosexual might need to look his very best. The range includes shower gels including the combined hair and body shower gel for the sports enthusiast, aerosol and stick deodorants, shaving gels, foams and soothing balms and lotions, cleansers, exfoliating scrubs which are all complemented by pleasant fragranced moisturisers. The range also caters for the men amongst us who have more sensitive skin types. CITATION www18 l 6153 (, 2018)The Unique Selling Point of all these products is their handiness for quick and easy use. The products are lightweight and easily transportable meaning that they can be used as part of a regular morning skin care routine or can be carried on one’s person and applied as required throughout the day. New to the Nivea For Men family is an all-in-one cream that can be used on the face, hands and body – ideal for the man that considers himself to be “time-poor” but still wants to look his best.
As the shaving experience is very much a “Right of Passage” ritual between a father and his pubescent son and one of the most important learning curves in a young man’s life, the quality of the product and the way that it made him feel and the fact that his Dad shared his Nivea For Men Products with him, will resonate with him in the years ahead and the Nivea For Men range of products will be the product range that he will go for when the time comes for him to buy his own toiletries. There will be a sense of sentimentality and shared experiences with his Dad that under regular circumstances is not anything to do with his Mum or sisters.
Also, Nivea For Men’s use of famous {and not to mention attractive} men in their advertising campaigns combined with their association with Jamie Redknapp and Liverpool Football Club has undoubtedly increased their appeal and promoted brand awareness within a different segment of the population. Nivea For Men recognised that many men were reluctant to talk about their skincare regime {or lack of} and focused their campaign on friendly pub banter.
Also, some of their advertising campaigns have worked very well and one that comes to mind is where one colleague envies the success of another and feels like he can’t compete with his seemingly more successful colleague and he eventually feels that they are finally on the same wavelength when both are in their work bathroom and using Nivea For Men cream which they have taken from their back pockets. CITATION www181 l 6153 (, 2018)Nivea For Men is extremely accessible and is available in all good supermarkets – in many cases, it is females {Mothers, wives, partners, daughters} that undertake the weekly shopping and being able to purchase all the family’s requirements under one roof is extremely beneficial. Nivea For Men is also stocked in many pharmacies – it is currently the market leader in terms of product choice with 63 brands listed on Boots online while its nearest competitor with regards to price point, had 22 products listed – consisting of razors, blades and associated shaving products. Nivea For Men’s nearest competitor does not have the variety of skincare products or ranges that Nivea For Men can proudly boast. CITATION www182 l 6153 (, 2018)Question 3:
In my opinion, Nivea For Men have nailed their marketing campaign which is based on tradition and friendship which coincidentally are the characteristics associated with their branding and packaging. Their sponsorship of the English National Soccer team has undoubtedly raised their profile and created brand awareness in a market traditionally linked with less desirable qualities.
However, I do feel that the people behind their marketing campaigns could do more to promote the brand to the Irish market and thus increasing their market share. Ireland has an abundance of charming, handsome men who would suit the Nivea For Men image perfectly. I also think that men {and Irish ones in particular} need to be more educated in order to have better understanding of their skin care needs. While men have come a long way from their Neanderthal days, there are still many of species who need a lot more convincing before they would consider using any form of skincare products.
Beiersdorf have done an excellent job of promoting the feminine range of Nivea products for everyday usage and most women in Ireland are aware of or have used at some point in their lives, product or products from the Nivea range. I think the Nivea For Men range needs to be promoted more and the product range and its accompanying benefits explained in greater detail. This could be done by combining the digital and print media e.g. continuing with their successful social media campaign and running television adverts during programmes that have a perceived greater male audience e.g. motor sports, horse racing and soccer games. Additional advertising revenue could also be directed towards commissioning ads in soccer or other sporting programmes and men’s lifestyle magazines or indeed by sponsorship of minor or major sporting events.
Also, because men’s skincare is not as big of seller as women’s products, only sample lines i.e. only two or three products from each range are generally carried and this is especially true in smaller retail outlets. To help combat this and change perception, additional space on shop planograms should be given to stocking and promoting the entire range.

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Currently, the Nivea For Men range of skincare products is a generic “One Product Fits All”, however, I do feel that in the years to come, that today’s men will place greater emphasis on their appearance and skincare routine whether it is a continuation of habits that they’ve learnt from their fathers {which means that the teachers will have become older}or habits that are being passed on through the generations. Therefore, I think that Beiersdorf when seeking ways to take Nivea For Men to the next level, should perhaps focus their attention on creating product ranges for the younger men and their more distinguished counterparts.
After all, as Nivea For Men’s tagline states: “It Starts with You”.
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