Istanbul Aydin University
Institute of Social Sciences
Human Resource Management
Interview report
With KACSO HR’ Manager
Mr Mehdi Saba
Mobile: 0093799872209
Email: [email protected],
Date of interview
Prepared by:
Mohammad Jawad Aslami
Submitted to:
Specific Questions
1. Introduce yourself and your organization?
2. What is your organization history?
3. what is your vision?
4. What is your mission?
5 .what is important for your organization?
6. What is your key activity?
7. What is the main responsibility of HR Manager?
8. Please explain your Organizational Chart?
9. Do you have HR policy?
10. How is your human resource management?
11.How many staff members do you have?
12. Could you please share your HR, Policies and HR system?
General questions
13. How you evaluate your activities?
14. How many branch or office you have?
15. What is the meaning of NGo?
16. What is the different between company and NGo?
17. Can Ngo do profit activities?
18. How you evaluate the HR in your Organization?
19. what is your suggestion as HR Manager?
20. What is your strategic plan for 5 years?
21. What challenges you faced with your job as HR Manager?
Khatamul Anbia Cultural ; Service Organization (KACSO) was initially established as a Non-Government Organization on 2003 within the registration number 1093 during the transitional administration of Afghanistan within the Ministry of Planning.
After the establishment of elected Afghanistan Government, it was re-registered with the Ministry of Economic with a new registration number 350, dated 25th.Jan.2006.

KACSO ‘s vision is to see Afghanistan in peace and tranquility, without discrimination; Children, Youths, Men and Women are enjoying equal rights under a secure and peaceful environment, both female and male are employed, health services are made available, educations opportunities with good quality available for male and female, improved economy of people, improved agriculture and livestock, trades at national and international level, industries and domestic productions, justice and reduced violence, roads, communication expanded, no poppy cultivation, people live in their houses normally and people are happy.

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KACSO ‘s Mission and current purpose is to support International Community in terms of implementing multi-sectoral projects and programs, to promote and develop Afghan Human capital, ; to support the Afghanistan Government in terms of achieving its development strategies and mechanism, through which KACSO ‘s Vision is to be obtained.
The main goals of KACSO are as follows:
To support international communities, stake holders and donors’ environment in terms of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by mobilizing and managing funds, financial resources and technical capabilities, through designing and implementing sustainable and priority projects for Afghan vulnerable groups and communities.

To support Afghanistan Government in terms of its commitments to development and priority needs, considering the relevant sectors, indicators and pillars of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS).

To develop vulnerable communities through implementing multi sectoral projects, to target the right group of beneficiaries and to develop the human capital.

Overall objectives of KACSO would be divided in to 6 main sectors:
Vocational Training
Literacy/Education Livelihood/Agriculture:.
Women Empowerment/Gender Equality: Core Values
KACSO is maintaining its responsive Standard Operations Procedures (SOP), according to its internal structure, which are bullet pointed below:
Human Resource: KACSO maintains the following SOPs in its HR unit
Recruitment, selection
Contract, bio data,
Attendance sheet,
Programme: KACSO maintains the following SOPs in its Programme Unit:
Hypothetical (Casual Pathway) Proposal designing format.

Project Monitoring ; Evaluation committee
Reporting methodologies
Project Exit Strategy
Project documentary recording/filing system
Administration: KACSO maintains the following SOPs in its Administration Unit:
Sound assets, equipment’s & resources Inventory Management system
Human Resource (Staff Recruitment/Selection Procedures)
Correspondence filing system
Sound staff filing system
Project Materials Procurement Procedure
Operational Guideline (Code of Conduct)
Finance: KACSO maintains the following SOPs in its Finance Unit:
Double Entry Financial System
Sound Financial correspondence (vouchers, receipts, payrolls) filing system
Financial (Fund) Control Management System
Organizational Chart