The definition of a navigator is one that navigates or is qualified to navigate

The definition of a navigator is one that navigates or is qualified to navigate.
The navigator is the person who plans the course in which the ship travels. He plans the direction using charts, maps, skills and knowledge he acquired in order to steer the ship in the right direction. A learned behavior that most likely took years to developed and master. A skilled and competent navigator must be dedicated and committed to doing his job confidently knowing that any wrong turn/missed direction could mean disaster not only for him but his crew and all on board the ship.
In Plato’s analogies on navigating a ship, the crew and the captain, I summarize that although the captain is larger and stronger in stature than any of the crew he may be afraid of them due to his own disabilities of being a bit deaf, short-sighted and having limited skills which puts him at a disadvantage in not knowing how to skillfully manage and navigate the ship much less stand up to a hostile takeover. He may not be confident in his abilities and thereby very vulnerable of being forced out. He may appear to possess power and strength due to his professional title but in fact is weak and not in control. The crew on the other hand appears more powerful, more confident, thinking that they or at least one of them can take the helm regardless of whether they have the skillset needed to navigate the ship. Not having learned how to navigate or spent anytime to study it does not deter any of them from believing that they have the know it all to navigate the ship. They quarreled and plot on how to get rid of the captain, even considering murder as an option, not just for the captain but for their rivals as well. With pockets of faction within the crew there is one leader among them who commands their attention and admiration. This person is probably a loud mouth, manipulator, self-center and possible smart who knows how to gain the trust of the others with the right words. He does not know or care to know how to navigator, just how to gain/assume power. He is a fraud. All the while there is one among them, the true navigator, who is quietly studying and practicing the necessary skills and techniques needed to handle the ship but is only seen as a nobody.