The first period of political reform is from 2010 to 2015

The first period of political reform is from 2010 to 2015, led by President Thein Sein. After a decade of economic isolation, Myanmar has originated by a series of gradual and radicle changes of economic reforms aimed to accelerating structural change and economic development. At 2012, President Thein Sein declared the government started the second phase of reform strategy seeking a 7.7 percent annual average GDP growth based on 2010-2011 market price and rise in per capita GDP compared with the base year. (Hays, 2014) Since then, Thein Sein’s government has exerted a lot of energy in pursuing economic reform to accelerate the transition from military rule. In contrast to the former Junta government, one of the fundamental goals of the economic reform of Thein Sein’s government is to improve the economic wellbeing of the population of Myanmar, paying particular attention to rural development and poverty alleviation. This policy direction is designed to increase the income of the workforce, and create a more prosperous country with a domestic market of booming demand.