The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events that has ever happened in history

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events that has ever happened in history. The man who is responsible for it all was named Adolph Hitler. This happened in the late 1930s early 1940s during the time of World War II. During the Holocaust he sent Jews to concentration camps and made them work. We can learn many things from tragedies like the Holocaust.
Be thankful for how fortunate you are. Take nothing for granted. Back then, if you were a Jew, you would most likely get taken to a camp and if you were sick or old, you would get put in a gas chamber. Now, we have freedom of religion, which means we can believe what we want to believe. A quote from the article, ” A Tattoo to Remember” states, “The biggest problem with using tattoos as a remembrance is that the vast majority of Holocaust victims were never tattood; they were simply murdered” (Rudoren 17). If a teenager today still has their ancestor and still have their tattoo, they can get a matching tattoo so that they can remember and honor them.
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Even though someone might look like they have not been through alot, they might have. “Fire! I can see a fire! There was nothing there; only the darkness.” This is a quote from the book Night. The woman was yelling about there being a fire and nobody believed her. When they got to the camps they saw she was not crazy (Wiesel 16). The book is about a young boy and his family who got sent to concentration camps during the Holocaust. When you first meet Dr. Mengele, you do not think you are in any danger. But when you get to know him, you start to get the impression that he is a bad person. Dr. Mengele worked as a doctor in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.(Joseph Mengele HH:MM:SS).
Choose to care about others more than yourself, don’t be selfish. You should always put others before yourself, especially for family. This topic ties in with when Elie gave his ration of soup to be with his father. “I gave him what was left of my soup. For a ration of bread, I managed to change beds with a prisoner in my father’s bunk” (Wiesel 72).. Also, in The Devil’s Arithmetic, Hannah sacrifices her life to save Rivkah. This movie is about a Jewish, teenage girl named Hannah that goes back in time and experiences the Holocaust from her aunt’s friend’s point of view.
Humanity can learn a lot from tragedies caused by hate. For instance, choose to care more about others than yourself, don’t judge a book by its cover and be thankful for how fortunate you are, don’t be selfish. So, before you decide to do something dumb just because you don’t like something, just think about how the Holocaust all started.