The importance of education can be seen from the olden times based on the era of apartheid

The importance of education can be seen from the olden times based on the era of apartheid. During this painful period of apartheid, there was white supremacy and ideologies that were enforced by the nationalist government. These ideologies specifically aimed at improving the sustainability of white people, while the black people were to remain enslaved by the established system which was forcing them to give in to oppression.
The reason that apartheid thrived in the oppression of black people is that its systems also included the separation of educational systems which consisted of one of the most inferior systems known as Bantu Education. This system was mainly orchestrated to ensure that the difference between white education and black education was on a wide scale. This means that Afrikaans was the language of instruction that was used to teach black learners, what was hard about this is that a lot of learners could not understand the language let alone speak it.
This led many learners to fail in great numbers and others even dropped out of school and often resort to things such as crime since they did not have other alternatives to sustain themselves. White learners on the other hand benefited from Bantu Education that they got access to the advanced type of education which guaranteed the opportunity for continuous improvement of their skills. In the current era of democracy however, you find that there might be a promotion of equality among all races and parts of the country, but inequality still exists in terms of education in rural areas and urban areas.
The educational system of rural areas is informal, meaning that it is not well structured no well planned to improve the learning skills of learners to their full potential. Informal education in South Africa is a common factor because the majority of people living in the country are mostly from the rural areas, and therefore finding employment is hard because their skills have not yet been developed and enhanced and most companies mostly get people that mostly come from model C schools.
Education is very important in that it is not only limited on learning things in the classroom, but mainly based on learning and acquiring knowledge which is beneficial to your life as a whole. The first importance would be that it empowers women and girls by allowing them to be able to make choices that are beneficial not only their health, but also their family’s health through personal and economic empowerment. It benefits young girls in reducing the spread of HIV by giving lessons on safe sexual intercourse, and also reduce the issue of unemployment while improving the health of women and children.
The second important point about education is that it contributes towards child survival and maternal health because in the old ages, there would often be a lot of infant deaths in that many parents did not have knowledge on how to care and ensure that their children live past the age of infancy without any serious health hazards. But today you discover that mothers who are educated are most likely to do things such as immunize their children and protect them, thus ensuring that the child will live a long and healthy life.
The last and important point is that education helps in fighting poverty and spur economic growth. This can be achieved by ensuring that children are taken to school through programs such as the NSFAS, which enable the country to have more graduates with sharpened skills that can help in growing the economy of the country while fighting poverty through their profound and innovative ideas which they have learned to conduct as a result of good education.
What we should not forget is that education is very important in that it is the basic right of all people in that it plays a crucial role in the developing of communities and children for the better, and that it is important for everyone to have equal access to education and also be assisted by financial aid schemes so that we can be able to evolve, develop as a nation and eliminate critical factors such as poverty and AIDS.