The main reason why I have decided to become a teacher is because of my personality

The main reason why I have decided to become a teacher is because of my personality. I am a well-organized person who enjoys teaching others. I believe in helping others and the community since children is the future of our country. I think that if I become a teacher I can make a difference in every kid I teach. My goal is to be somebody who my students can look up to. It is very important for students to have a role model at school even if they do not have one at home. The qualities and talents I have that may help me while applying for jobs is my ability to talk and listen to others. Some very important skills that I possess are creativity, patience and leadership. I believe these are the main skills a person must possess before thinking in becoming a teacher or work with children. It is beyond important for me to establish my own educational philosophy since it would help me to create a great environment in my classroom, and it would make me grow and become an excellent educator as well.
Beliefs about Learning and Teachers.
I believe that students learn best when they are being motivated to learn interesting material provided by teachers. Classroom information is very important in a children life since if material is interesting will make them learn it faster. Interactive classrooms is one of the main components to an efficient learning. This is because by having active students who participate in classes, they are more likely to listen and learn. I also think student learning exist when students have the opportunities to apply the information learned in class to real life events. This is accurate because it allows them to transfer and keep their knowledge. The teacher’s main roles in the student learning is to facilitate a good classroom to learn, and to motivate them every day while they are in school. My main goal I have as when I become a teacher is to support my students. Also, I would like for them to be able to write, speak, listen and be able to solve problems to their full potential.
I will promote my beliefs in the classroom by using different techniques of real life situations, lectures, classroom activities and visual contents. I will encourage motivation and interest to students by illustrating the value and importance of the materials presented in class. This will be accomplished by a friendly tone when discussing information in the classroom, by encouraging all students to participate in classroom discussions, and by demonstrating the most relevant topics to student’s classroom experiences. I will encourage the best learning environment in my future classroom by allowing students to raise hands, ask questions, participate in group activities and perform presentations in front of classmates. Furthermore, contributing to an interactive classroom environment, studies in different subjects, and work group are meant to improve student’s ability to solve, read, write, speak and listen skills.
In addition, I will facilitate to all of my students learn at their own pace according to their own ability to understand and apply materials that will be covered in class. Also, I plan in giving students the ability to give me feedback anonymous that it will help me meet the interests and needs of my students. Lastly, I will facilitate the learning to my students by making myself available to them outside and inside of class and by add assignments that will fit various learning styles. I feel that in order to succeed the main teachers goal which is to have students understanding the material, it is beyond important to use different teaching methods as well as to have a well-organized classroom environment and make interactions between the student and the teacher. This will not only help students, but it would make me succeed and become a better teacher to my future classrooms.