The origin of life has a fair share of contradictory opinions

The origin of life has a fair share of contradictory opinions. For life to have started there must have been something like a DNA or RNA to be able to create the structure of life, but cells cannot copy genetic molecules without nitrogenous organic compounds (which are essential for any living organism) and lipids; which are structural components of cell membranes that cell need to hold contents inside.
Although these new discoveries do not prove how life started, it helps shine light on the mysteries of science. Chemists report that compound that have would have been plenty on early earth can give reactions that produce biomolecules such as nucleic acids, amino acids and lipids.
Metabolism-first theories have argued metal catalysts may have been the building blocks of other biomolecules.
In 2009 chemists led by John Sutherland and the University of Cambridge in the UK came up with a theory that that the origin of life started from compounds called acetylene and formaldehyde that could produce two of RNA’s four nucleotide building blocks, but critics soon shut this down by posing the question where these molecules came from.
Sutherland and his colleagues have opened this theory once again by working backwards to see if early life is linked to RNA from ‘simpler starting materials’ and they succeeded. The compounds called acetylene and formaldehyde produce two of RNA’s four nucleotide and this shows that a single simple reaction could be the building blocks of life.
Sutherland team says that the earth had a suitable setting for those reactions and this made it possible for hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen to be produced, UV radiation would have been able to react and metal containing mineral would be able to drive this. He although cautions that every reaction is different from each other and it requires different metal catalysts, changes in chemistry and energy could support creation of building blocks over others (such as amino acids or lipids) in different locations.
Even though there is evidence to support this this theory there will always be critics and different controversies on how life on earth began.