The support which you will need to give other adults will be on several levels which can be remembered with the acronym PIPE

The support which you will need to give other adults will be on several levels which can be remembered with the acronym PIPE. Practical: you may be working with others who are unfamiliar with the classroom or school surroundings who need help or advice finding equipment or resources. Informative: you may need to give support to people who may not have information about a particular situation, or you may be asked to prepare or write reports on specific pupils. Professional: you may need to support or help others with things such as planning or you may be asked if others can observe you while working with students.

Emotional: it is important to support others through day-to-day events by keeping a sense of humour. The main elements to building relationships with children and adults in any situation are if others are comfortable in your company as they will be more likely to communicate effectively. If people don’t get along or feel uneasy around each other they tend to avoid each other whenever possible and so relationships don’t develop. Positive relationships don’t happen by chance they need to be thought about and ways to develop them need to be considered.

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When working as a professional adult with children and young people you need to remember that you should be a positive role model for the pupils. This means you have to show them how to relate to and communicate with others at all times through your interactions and relationships with other adults and children, it is also important that they see you behaving professionally and appropriately while in school. You build relationships with other people in school on a daily basis in numerous ways.

If the child sees politeness and good manners they are more likely to do the same. It is important for the adults to set a good example to the children. Communicating with children, young people and adults in an educational environment is an important part of a professional relationship. It happens that the school ethos may not be in line with the ideas held by parents and this may cause disagreement or conflict. However this should be seen as an opportunity for adults to discuss and agree on what is best for the pupil.