There is nothing new about how rapist and molesters are born rather than made

There is nothing new about how rapist and molesters are born rather than made. Rapist and molesters have different brains to normal people. I believe some sexual deviance traits are hereditary. Although, they would have to learn more extensive deviant behavior in a sexual nature as time goes on. Every person makes on their own morals, values, and live how they chooses. Sex victims are more than likely to become a sex offender themselves. The sexual behavior starts at a very young age and younger children experiment on other children. The pattern is an ongoing spiraling effect through generations of family members.
Brain chemicals and balances plays a role in mental disorders. People are undiagnosed, and others are diagnosed with mental disorders. In a lot of cases, men are women are diagnosed with 2 or more mental disorders at one given time. Having the opportunity to interact with people who have severe mental illnesses they think they are normal people. I don’t think counseling, therapy, or medicines could cure a person with a reprobated and abnormal mind.
The abuser was once abused and grew up having low self-esteem. If we seek past the mind frames of these individuals, we will notice that abusers love control and power. The only way an abuser knows how to gain control is to afflict that same pain onto someone else. The child was taught abuse because it was a way to show love and communication within the home. Quite frequently the child was taught this behavior by the parents or family members. In conclusion, the rapist/molester will prey upon people to get what they want without having any remorse for his actions.