These days

These days, with the everyday growing technology, the students have more opportunities to opt to, if they want to practice online or traditional learning. There is a lot of discussion between people about which method is better. In my opinion, they should not be separated, but instead they must interact to each other with the aim to get a better effect in learning. First, one obvious difference is the cost. The cost of school fees is cheaper during online courses. On the other hand, when taking traditional courses you need to pay for the books, fuel and meals. In an online learning environment all students are equal, so there will not be any chance for a student to be more favored by professor than the others. In contrast, the student that is active in class may be at more advantage in the traditional classroom. Socializing and networking are different in a traditional environment than in an online environment. There is a good opportunity to create new friends and to develop your socializing skills when attending traditional courses than learning from home, yet staying at home feels kind of isolation of yourself. An advantage to joining online courses is that they provide flexibility to the student. So, you can decide about the schedule when to take the course in case of being busy. However, in traditional courses the time is appointed, so you cannot decide for the time to attend the course. Despite these differences, they have some things in common. Online learning requires a lot of hard work just as the traditional learning does. For example to have high grades in online learning studies you must be studying a lot and doing all homework as in traditional learning. The syllabus is quite similar for both methods, and the challenges and rewards are the same in each environment. Both require a wise managing time by the students. The face-to-face learning could be successful, particularly when taught by effective teachers. Likewise, online learning would be better when the teachers are qualified to do their job.