Throughout the play AWAY

Throughout the play AWAY, Gow mimeticises the ways in which the ramifications of discovery can challenge our most fundamental perceptions; the consequences of discovery, therefore; are dependent on our inclination to accept or reject information that contradicts our most unquestioned, fervently held assumptions and beliefs. This is characterised through Tom who acts as a catalyst for other’s discoveries and comes to terms with his own mortality, Coral who discovers her ability to life without her son and Gwen who discovers the importance of familial relationships over materialism.

The cost of ignorance is both a blessing and a curse: it is the one quality that can simultaneously provoke and suppress us to making discoveries because for there to be a transformative revelation there must be at least a momentary recognition of the unknown. Only then can discovery be liberating and exhilarating, empowering us with renewed perceptions.

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