Use of e-mail

Use of e-mail: while using email most of the time can be very convenient on time
sometimes asking a question or responding to a question can be very difficult and time
consuming that it would be better to meet in person and explain things this way as maybe over
email the person receiving the email might not fully understand what is going on and may end
up doing something wrong and it could affect the business.
Dependency:Everyday technology is updating and changing and as a result more
undeveloped countries face the problem because they cannot afford to pay this new advanced
technology. Poor countries must depend on the developed countries for sharing global network.
This could lead to problems in the hotel industry if one country is more up to date than the other
Undelivered data: Although data can be sent quick and easy and then forgot about,
sometimes data cannot be undelivered in the case of a error or fault with the technology and the
person who sent it doesn’t realize. This could cause major issues in a hotel in case of problems
with bookings and the possibility of double bookings and this could make a hotel look
The cost of development: in order to become fully developed it requires a huge
investment not only financially, but this may be a case were a business needs to close for these
infrastructure developments to happen and the ongoing developments in technology also
demands further investment.