Vietnam War Introduction Vietnam is a nation in Southeast Asia on the eastern edge of the Indochinese peninsula and was under French colonial rule

Vietnam War
Vietnam is a nation in Southeast Asia on the eastern edge of the Indochinese peninsula and was under French colonial rule. The Vietnam War broke during the Second World War when Japanese forces invaded Vietnam. To encounter both Japanese and the French colonial rule, Hoch Minh who was by then political leader was inspired by soviet communism and Chinese to fork the Viet Minh commonly known as League of the independence of Vietnam. After the Second World War, Vietnam forces were defeated and the japan withdrew its forces from the Vietnam land, hence leaving the French educated leader Bao Dai in control. During that moment Ho’s Viet Minh saw an opportunity to seize control and organized his forces to take control of the northern part of the Honoi city and declared a democratic republic of Vietnam with president Ho as the president. The Vietnam War cause a lot of issues which include the loss of life and property among the participants. In connection to that, this paper will discuss about the Vietnam War, countries that participated in war the consequences of the war in connection to literature
Vietnam War was caused by number of the factors like loss of life, raise of Vietnam and U.S society issues and geopolitical effects which were derived from the symbolic, components and the consequences of the cold war. The cause of the Vietnam war was due to the beliefs that were held by American that communism was threatening to expand all over south East Asia. Both the United States and Soviet Union feared to risk to start the war because each part was well prepared to fight using sophisticated weapons like nuclear bombs. The use of those deadly weapons led to loss of life. The war killed an estimated two million Vietnamese civilians, almost one million people from North Vietnamese troops, roughly bout two hundred thousand troops from South Vietnamese and fifty eight thousand American troops. The massive destruction of properties that was caused by the war had a negative impact to both people and environment. for an instance the massive U.S bombing of south and north Vietnam left the country in wrecks and the U.S army used herbicides like Agent Orange to overcome Vietnams natural environment, but in the process it cause widespread health problems to people.
After the year 1975, United States of America came to realize that the war had caused a lot of suffering and loss of lives and properties. The war left a lot of psychological scar in United States and Vietnam though it did not affect the status as superpower. Vietnam on the other side the postwar period was characterized with poverty, suffering and fighting between the people.
In connection to the story Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy? In this story we get that there is how problem started and conflict erupted and how it was solved. People are living with a lot fear worrying that they will be killed, this seen when Paul Berlin is left with a lot of fear after the demise of his friend Billy who died due to heat attack because of fear of being killed in the Vietnam War. It is seen that Paul and his friends Buffalo are living in fear of being killed by their enemies in Vietnam War.
Conclusively, Vietnam War resulted in mass destruction of innocent lives and properties as well as displacement of people. Many people in Vietnam stated living in fear because the war brought fear among the people. Nobody could trust the neighbors since the war brought mistrust among the people. The economy of the key players of the war went down and the standard of living became high.