Who We Are Our Mission Is Serving Others

Who We Are
Our Mission Is Serving Others, Dollar General thinks their customers are best served when they keep the relationship with their customers real and when they keep it simple for their customers. Dollar General as a company has built and runs convenient sized stores to deliver everyday low prices on products that they believe their customers want successfully for many years. The keys to success for Dollar General have been their ability to deliver a smarter, easier shopping solution that is accessible to more customers. The goal for Dollar General is to deliver a better to their customers and to provide their employees opportunities to grow with the company along with providing a great working environment for their employees.

How the Mission Statement is Reflected in the Organizton The three components that maintain the ability to live their Mission Statement for their customers and employees are the following:
Our Model which stands for convenience, quality brands and low prices. This makes shopping for their customers a truly hassle free experience. They intentionally design small neighborhood stores that are carefully edited to include an assortment of merchandise that makes the shopping experience simpler for their customers. The goal is to carry the most popular items and brands of the products that their customer want. The average customer of Dollar General completes their shopping experience within ten minutes. This allows Dollar General goal of saving time for their customers by keeping their customers focused on life simple necessities.

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