Yes, I do. His name is Nairo Alexander Quintana. He was Born in Cómbita, a small town located in the province of Boyacá, Colombia. Raised in a humble family, Nario spent most of his free time working at the farm because his father suffered an accident forbidding him to exercise in long periods of time. In order to go to school, Nairo and his siblings had to ride 16 km on their bicycles and that is when he realized how good he was on that sport.

The reason why he is my hero is simple. He is competing with the best cyclists in the world, though he didn’t have the tools, support, and technology that his opponents had. He has become very popular around the world but it hasn’t changed his values at all. He doesn’t believe he is more important or better than any other. Every time he remembers where he came from and all he suffered to get where he is right now. A true example of self-sacrifice and hard work.

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