Zombie Charity Walk Name Institution Zombie Charity Walk Zombie Charity Boot Camp was first launched in the year 1982

Zombie Charity Walk
Zombie Charity Walk
Zombie Charity Boot Camp was first launched in the year 1982. This event takes place one every year on October 27 from 10: am. In most cases, it takes places in Dorchester Park. Its aim is in raising at least $6000 and 59 million pounds of excess food. This excess food sustains 1.3 million New York residents who are facing hunger crisis. The City Harvest collects excess food and delivers it free to community programs that easily reach the needy in the remote areas. In some cases, this excess nutritious food is redirected from supermarkets, manufacturers where they support the local community. By doing this, there is a reduction of environmental impact on food wastage.

Registration of the event is free of charge. This charity event has no age limit but it mainly targets teens and adults from age of 14 years. Its aim is to teach and create awareness on social ethics and morals. It became the first food rescue organization whose aim was to help the less fortunate in the community.
A week before the event, parents are provided with emergency handbooks have to be filled. The handbook is returned on the first day of the event. In this event, people put on their best outfits and paint their bodies resembling zombies where they act like flesh eaters. Those who attend get a chance of playing survivor games where one group is dressed in the zombie-like costumes and have paint all over their bodies. During the camp, important life skills are taught e.g. how to locate water points, how to act during an emergency, and how to respond in case of an attack. This is what makes the event lively.

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People walk in the streets as a way of accommodating a large number of people who attend the event. These numbers have grown exponentially in the past years. Each person gives a minimum of $25 as a donation for the walk. The attendees crawl from one pub to another mobilizing people as a strategy of soliciting for funds. Due to the long distance that people walk, the majority come with bicycles that are at least 400.

The event has a race link that creates a platform where individuals or brands run their traditional races. They charge an entry fee where winners are rewarded with medals. The venue of these races is chosen where everyone can be in a position to attend. This year’s race is the New York Marathon (NYM) that will take place in Boston. The money that is collected is donated to hospitals that thereafter provide free cancer treatment.

This event promotes moral ethics because it teaches people to be compassionate on each other. It encourages about being each other’s keeper and we have a duty to help when need be. Provision of food to the poor is a way of showing concern and value for human life. The Zombie Charity Walk brings interaction and togetherness to people from different communities. When people come together, they understand each other’s culture thus eliminating unethical behaviors in our society.
Donating to hospitals makes sure that everyone gets access to medical care regardless of their social status. This results in a healthy community. Playing games, engagement in the walk and various races helps in physical fitness. Children are taught on leadership skill preparing future competent leaders. During the camp when teenagers are taught about survivor tactics, it is a way of preparing the future on how to handle and overcome a challenge in the future.