Zoos are going beyond keeping animals alive in captivity

Zoos are going beyond keeping animals alive in captivity. They have become more involved in conserving wild animals, reintroducing endangered species, and restoring habitats . So why do scientist and animal groups believe that zoos are far from entertaining and educational? While conditions have improved for zoos by creating a natural habitat for animals critics continue to argue that the spacing available is not enough. Animals like zebras, giraffes and gazelles were designed to run across miles of open terrain, not live out their lives in captivity.
Despite a zoo’s best efforts, its animals often are deprived of privacy, confined to inadequate spaces and unable to engage in natural hunting and mating activities. Forced to live in man-made constructs, many animals began to display obsessive, repetitive behaviors. A zoo consultant and former zoo director, describes the natural-looking zoo inhabit as mere illusions, arguing that they’re not much of an improvement in terms of space
Living in the zoo sheltered them from their ability to live in their natural habitat. Although zoos are educational, animals are held in captivity unable to live and thrive in their natural habitat. Zoo keepers, scientist and animal groups continue to debate the issue with zoos being either place of education and entertainment or unnecessary prisons. While some people argue that zoos play an important role in conservation and research, others counter that they do more harm than good.
Many captive animals exhibit signs of severe distress people have witnessed elephants bobbing their heads, bears pacing back and forth and wild cats obsessively grooming themselves. This display of behavior has caused some animals to act out either among themselves or humans. Some people and I see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because most people go to the zoo purely for their entertainment and truly I think that animals weren’t created for our entertainment and it’s cruel to keep these animals in an artificial environment just for our benefit.
Humans aren’t the only organisms occupying the planet and for sure weren’t the first. Even us, we wouldn’t be able to be trapped behind bars and the fact that people come to see you for their own amusement and entertainment. Secondly, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because animals should be allowed to enjoy their habitat and not a fake, instead of living in a zoo trapped behind bars like a prison living with whatever others animals the keepers want in the same enclosure. They need to be in their original habitat even if it’s dangerous for us because it will be more dangerous for them. Also an animal deserves to be freedom whatever they do because it’s for their surviving, they need it.